Cousin's Song

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gibs Veteran
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Gibs, some better mixing would spice this track up. The mix sounds like different elements instead of one unified one.
Yeah, OK. Nicely implemeted idea. Technically, however, it lacks a certain "sparkle"; but nice attempt nonetheless.
Strange, it's short and still feels like if loops a few times. But the idea and sound quality somunds good to me.
Great one! I really like the guitar-sounds and the snare.
Nice track! Nice Remix! Good job, Gibs!
Good work - just its a case I cant everything when I think I should be - but its a good effort
Really good!
I are like this.
WOW! Sounds terrific! Love the guitar and drums. I'm a big fan of the original track. Maybe you will make a longer version with some added melodies or improvisations around the main tune?!?!?
Yes, my Lord! Good Job done!
Great guitar and great performance. Well done!

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