Graeme Slapp - Hybris 2009

Track info
Arranged by:
Graeme Slapp Remixer
Original composed by:
Paul van der Valk
All-Time charts position:
Hey, that sounds absolutely like the german Dance-Act "X-Perience". Nice, lush, melody. Good work, perfect pop-music.
Once again, I heard this only on my laptop, not on my stereo. This sounds REALLY great, close to the original, but not too MODish. I like it, and wonder about hearing this on my car stereo. BTW, playing Hybris on an Arcade machine with WinUAE is great!!!
Nice!!! :D
Very nice. One of my favourite Amiga games and tunes.
Well except for that high frequency tune it was melodic and sounded very good, easy listening I like it!
Too chaotic for me, sorry.
Very good pleasnt to hear and listen track, Nice Job
I loved the game, and I never let the AMIGA out of my system! ;) nice remix!;)
Good job. Ingame song is "simple" but always fun to listen to it. Samples are very near the original and I looooove this "chiptune"
Love it!
Fantastic, I love it
Normally I'm not an unz-person, but this tune was so well done. Captivated me at the first second. Solid!
Well done!!! A great version of a cool tune!!!:-)
Very good and bouncy remix!
Great arrangement of the single most best Sh'mup on the amiga;)
Yeah this is the good stuff!

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