Graeme Slapp - Way of the Exploding Fist

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Arranged by:
Graeme Slapp Remixer
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Neil Brennan
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Nice work, an enjoyable remix and I like the pads and backing strings, but its repetitive just like the 30 second long SID, this needs a bit more content.
Compared to the original I would have to say this is a success. Repetition is there and if you would have managed to do more variations of the theme in the 3 minutes of the track, this could've been a red for me! Good job.
Nice oriental style and instruments, soft bass and cool chords! Double thumbs up! Variation is not your best here, but who the hell cares!?!?!? Good job man, good job!
A great remix of the 2nd tune of the 1st good C64 karate game! This brings back memories! Keep 'em koming!
Pretty enjoyable... Sweet guitar.... Just a bit... Well... Boring in the end.... Add wome spice to it and it would be great!
Nice tune with a great and rich sound... This version could be the intro/maintheme from a Hong Kong Action Movie :O)
Agreed with frist comment.
Very nice but there is the tunes are not like the original. The timing is different... Anyway... A good classic remake.
I really do like it! Great mixture of pop and oriental instrumentation. A little repetitive (a break or two would've been welcome), but it's very well mixed, well produced, well arranged.
Brilliant arrangement.
Heavy titles by his to itself often recurring melodie problem brilliant unfixed good Work.
I don't really like the synth waving around at at 2:00 (there must be a better instrument for that line). Anyway, overall it's a very pleasing remix.
I love it! Nice take on a classic. This is going on my iPhone
Good remix, nicely done from a technical point of view, although I'd like a bit more fantasy. It's kind of repetivite. But anyway, well done!
A bit too repetitive for my taste as the main theme is looped a bit too much. And it seems the main theme have been... Hmm... Kind of note-switched, or something. But it really doesn't matter. Still sounds good.
I like it, repetitive yes. But also a cool sound
Interesting twist to the main theme that makes it a bit original, yet very recognizable. A nice remix in my opinion. I can hear some flutes in the background from time to time. Possible to push them forward a bit. The strings and guitar dominates a lot.
WOW now that's a coooool oriental sound! If I ever make a kung-fu action movie, that should be the main theme :) /// With a little more variation ;) /// EDIT: I kept on returning to this RMX. TEST OF TIME BONUS: +1 :)
I like it :-)
Nice tune
Very good, I very like this

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