Hotrod (intro music)

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Arranged by:
Grospixels Veteran
Composed by:
Jeroen Tel
All-Time charts position:

This song was finished in october 2016 but started almost a year before that. It took so long because there are three of us with playing on it with very different availabilities 😊

The idea came from a Youtube sid-compilations listening session. This Jeroen Tel tune was an immediate yes. You'd swear it's played by an Amiga.

The composition features long Am - D sequences wich are so cool to improvise on (think about Oye como va) and excellent themes. There are two of three electronic passages, also, and those were not easy to deal with at all.

It's so rare to find a sid or an Amiga mod that refers to seventies music like this one. It was a good excuse to wipe the dust off a wah pedal.

Guitars : Laurent Roucairol.
Bass : Maxime Noël.
Keyboards : Jean-Christian Verdez (only a short synth sequence was programmed, the rest is played).
Drums done with Toontracks EZDrummer.
Recorded and mixed under FL Studio.

Not my fav tune from you guyz but still funky and playful, also like the instrumentation as usual!
Get your 70s funk on! I wish some of the intricacies of the lead melody were retained, though - it falls a bit flat in this remix. But I do like your noodlings around it!
Wow, so complex.

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