Grospixels - MicroProse Soccer (Intro Theme)

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This song reminds us of a time when soccer simulations were self-conscious as video games and had a real original sountrack instead of a mix of pop songs like a sports documentary would do.


The original Martin Galway theme is short but moving with a fair amount of melodies. It hasn't been remixed or covered many times, it seems. There's some sense of humbleness to it that we tried to keep.


We changed the rythm from a kind of Purdie shuffle to a binary drumming to give it some drive but the tempo hasn't been changed (or not much). The most difficult part to do was, by far, the beginning of the song, where things are still quiet.


The arrangement, mixing and virtual instruments (drums, synth) are very similar to the songs we posted recently since they're all part of a C64 EP, wich is one of the most rewarding project we've been working on for years.


Guitar, bass and arrangement : Laurent Roucairol.
Drums done with Toontracks EZDrummer
Recorded and mixed with FL Studio.

Fantastique! The more I listen to it, the more I like it! Maybe the mixing could be a bit more aggressive, more punchy, but the arrangement is top-notch, and I really enjoy the "improv" parts in the second half.
Well done: First guitar-note 4seconds in and you got me the chills! <3 Instant favorite. Top mixing, sounds better as most commercial releases. Thank you - my synapses happily approve! XD
Beautiful mix as always and great production!

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