Speedball (Intro theme)

Track info
Arranged by:
Grospixels Veteran
Composed by:
David Whittaker
All-Time charts position:

This is the first time we try to cover a David Whittaker composition. This one is very cool, maybe even better than the music of Speedball 2 on Amiga.

Since most of the themes rush one after another without any pause, it's very hard to play such a song live on guitar (a french guitarist called Sylvain Cloux did it for a Youtube demo but he's a very skilled pro). And this version repeats almost every theme twice 😊 So we tried no to do it the most metallic way. The tempo of the original is kept but the drums play a half-time pattern for most of the song to add some groove and hint the listener it won't be a shredding fest. The synth part is programmed and consists of very short and economic loops with delay and an (kinda random) automation that makes the sound of the synth plugin modulate. This idea was re-used on most of our other SID covers.

Guitar and arrangement : Laurent Roucairol.
Drums done with Toontracks EZDrummer.

Guitars galore! Cool arrangement, sprinkled with pretty synths. Well done!
Cool! Great sound. I feel like it could be mixed or mastered more aggressively. Maybe the drums are too relaxed?
The drums need more punch, but still very good!
It's a red for me. A lot of work went into this.

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