Grospixels - Wizball (title music)

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This was recorded in january 2015. The idea was to propose a short and unpretentious version of the Wizball theme, short to avoir comparison with most of the existing versions, unpretentious because the Reyn Ouwehand church version will probably stay untouched for ever.

There are only guitars there. The inspiration was some early Pink Floyd music, not the Echoes or Atom Heart Mother type, rather the voice-less improvisational sequences they used to play at an early stage of their composing process (More and Obscured by Clouds are full of some of that stuff). So, mixing a heavily delayed guitar playing high notes to an atmospheric blues background at a slow tempo seemed an original way to introduce the theme, and from the moment the song loops on a C-Gm sequence all the guitars have more gain.

The idea of putting a reversed solo near the end came when extending the song a little bit proved necessary. The ending part features some original compositional elements, the kind of stuff you play when trying an accoustic guitar in a shop. Speaking about the accoustic guitar, the one used in this recording is not a high quality one. Not cheap, but nowhere near a Taylor or an Ovation. The electric guitars are recorded through the Amplitube plugin with the default amp model. The effect on the main solo is the flanger offered with Amplitube. Never has this effect been as efficient as in this song, it's a miraculous combination. But the problem with this plugin is that it has a lot of humming audible when playing quiet parts, and stacking two or three tracks of guitar means having one, two or three layers of humming in the mix during the song. It took a lot of editing to erase all the noises and this operation was not finished when the song was submitted to RKO. Also, the master had too much bass frequencies. On our site there's a finished master wich is much cleaner.

Guitar, bass and arrangement : Laurent Roucairol.
Drums done with Toontracks EZDrummer
Recorded and mixed with FL Studio.

Brilliant remix! Love the guitars and authentic instrumentation, made with feeling and skillful playing. Really like the outro as well, awesome work!
It's very good. Creates a nice, soft atmosphere.
Oozes creativity! Done in the style of psychedelica or prog-rock, with some great improvs thrown in. Really well done!
Smooth'n'Groovy. Nice work.
Think this could be my favorite version of this tune ever, amazing!!
Now here's a very different take on the tune.
Fresh, different, brilliant.
It sounds organic enough to start growing limbs. I'm really happy to hear a rendition with different flavour from everyone else.
OMG, this is a really good song. Mellow, yet powerful. Awesome!
Not bad! Good skills on the guitar, but the overall sound is a little dull.
Good at start, but nothing special for the rest..
Great athmosphere! Good technic
Nothing touches Reyn's "Live at the Church" recording, but this is superb. An original take and superbly executed! C64 ROTY for me.
Quite flat and insufficient nostalgia impression
Well performed but abit flat.
Really smooth rendition Grospixels!

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