Tears From a Blind Eye

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Bilgem Cakir (Nightlord)
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Amazing original composition by Nightlord! This one was the most challenging remix I have ever attempt to do so far - it took me almost a year (including breaks) from start working on this to click the Upload button.. ;)

Respect for Nightlord for his track..

Nice effort. Levels and equalisation need some work to make it really great, at least to my ear.
Very good in some areas (especially the beginning) but the overall feel is a little unpolished and unbalanced. I´m not a huge fan of the distorted guitar either. Good remix nonetheless.
Arrrrr very promising start! Too bad it turned so MIDI-ish then. Would love to hear a re-work of this, which sounds more "natural"
Review by nightlord


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I am honored to have my SID remixed with this much effort and love. I didn't know about the existence of this until 2 days ago and I was blown away with how well you understood the intentions behind various components from their SID renditions. Kudos: * You completely nailed the feel of the acoustic guitar intro. * You made the 3.04 - 3.08 range amazing. The addition of the distorted guitars (which I didn't think of in the original) makes that part so much more intense. * Overall your drums rule Humble suggestion: - Like others called out the mix/mastering could be improved. Especially the bass was difficult to hear in places. I am grateful for this great remix. Thank you so much