Hank (Lukasz Drzewiecki) - Yet Another Giana Sister

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Original composed by:
Chris Hülsbeck
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Very good, very different. I like :)
I like this remix. Very neat approach I'd say.
Whao.. Now that's something imagineable like 007 meets Giana Sisters! The hook at 1:39 makes a good change. Excellent! Probably a bit too much xylophone though.
Its very good and gets RED for Originality - its well mixed - nice effort.
Original, yes. Well mixed, yes. A bit too crazy for my tastes, though. A "dark orange" from me for this tune.
It's good, but a bit too bold for my taste.
The melody is there.. Sometimes.. But the alternative chords doesn't fit, plus some weird notes, too much background noise and the ugly xylophone ruins it for me. Love the funky/jazzy parts though.
Its nice. Some of the instruments are a bit repetitive.
Very Good for first tune. I think the firt part is not sounding good but I think owerall its ok
Its alot different, I like the drumbeat but the choices of instruments is a little too whacky for my liking, its well done though can't be faulted.
Crazy shit! I don't get why people hate the xylophone, I absolutely find it makes the whole drive of the tune and this one is a mover!
Nice effort, and the xylophone certainly makes it different enough, but the backing doesn't sound in tune with the rest of it somehow, and it doesn't work as well as it could do. Plus points for originality though.
Now that one is moving! Great track!!!
Not bad :-)
Original, but the orchestral hit sound is overused, it really drags it all down. Also, some of the lead instruments could use polishing. The sax improv is an excellent touch.
Nice ideas in there, but the sound quality is odd somehow, and everything's too much in the middle, sounds almost like a Mono recording post-processed with a bandpass filter!
Nice to hear someone who dears to go a bit outside the main tune. Gianna Sisters signs up for Jagged Alliance?
Most of the orchestra instruments sound too artificial for my taste...
Wow I love the xylofon and that jazzy things ar amazing! Thumbs up (Y)

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