Hazel - Aliens

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A little attempt to make a goa-like remix.. There are not many goa/psytrance remixes out there..
 Some samples from the movie Aliens was included to spice up things..   
As nice as Hazel's work usually is, I really don't feel this tune is as dark as it should be sounding to sound as I'd imagine Aliens would be - make it darker and I'd rate this higher, no problem.
Top produced trance tune, nicely spiced with clips from the movie.
Bring on the dry ice, the lasers, and a dance floor full of people. This one's a killer.
Not quite the emotion I was looking for (but what did I expect from Hazel? ;) ) but a killer of a track and great use of movie samples
This is some good Trance. I can imagine this on a rave party.
Good psy-trance attempt, but not really all that progressive as it could have been ;)
Yes, listen to Waz. Darker darker darker! :) (otherwise good)
Yeah! Infected Mushroom meets Goa! ... It could have been a bit more agressive... It's as I'm waiting for something... But REALLY a pleasure to listen to Hazel! ... Keep it up!
Typical Hazel really. Good but nothing that really excites me. Could have been harder in places, the trance elements were nice but needed something harder in the synth parts.
Haven't heard that goa type of c64 remix for a while. Very good!
It would be perfect as a soundtrack for a modern reinterpretation of the Aliens saga. The original SID gets too lost in there for me, though, so nostalgicly I can't rate it too high. But an excellent piece of music for sure.
Quite nice, but not stunning in any way :)
Woot! Hazel Projection with Astral sounds! (Well, even better than AP!)
Typical, excellent Hazel quality but not as evil as it should be. The last seconds compensate that a bit :)
Loved it!
I'm on the edge of my seat! Excellent trance tune.
Doesn't really do it for me. Nice technical skills indeed, but... No. Sorry.

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