Hazel - Art & Music Compo 3

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Hazel Veteran
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I was browsing the HSVC archive when I stumbled upon this little beauty. Damn good SID this one.
I never heard it before but loved it immediately.

The remix is a bit weird in style.  Starts like a slow breakbeat'ish tune but ends with some acoustic style.
Not as Hazelicious as usual. The trademark fat beats are still enjoyable though.
Just very average
Nice attempt at a relatively unknown SID - although it suffers from being a bit repetitive like the original was.
Nice, an unknown SID with the Hazel polish.
Nice work (as expected from a 'hazel-mix'! ) again... But maybe it would have been possible to 'polish' it even _more_ with some personal effort instead of keeping that close to the quite repetitve original in the end. Could have been another hazel-killer
Cool I like it!
A SID Tune on Steroids. Very nice track, Love the 64ish Bassline.
Reminds me of something else that I cant put my finger on at the moment.. The usual hazel spit and polish pushes this up from a yellow to a well deserved orange. And kudos for tackling an unknown tune.
Nice beat, quite close to the original but just misses some extra
This one is good! Nice...
A bit boring but technically Ok.
It's good, Hazel's name means quality of this style. The only downside is it trueness to the original. More 'Hazelification' could make that much, much better.

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