Hazel - Atmosphere (Touching the Sky)

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Hazel Veteran
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Yet another Jereon Tel remix. Seems like I'm in a JT remixing mode..  ;)

Well. This one was done on request though. I must admit that if I would choose myself then I wouldn't have chosen this one for a new remix project.. The reason for this is because I find this one particually hard to remix.   And I had to leave some details out too.

But Andreas Wallström asked me if I could do a remix of this one so I gave it a shot.  In the end I think it went okay.
Typically well produced Hazel stuff here, with a kicking bass instrument that sets everything off the right way. The lead's a little weak in places if I have to be a bit picky. But it's certainly catchy enough.
A really nice working of a very difficult SID. Great use of instruments and filtering
That bdrum kicks ass! Feels a bit uninspired if compared to Hazel's finest work. But Hazel rocks, even on a bad day!
Usual goodness from Hazel coupled with a that great bass drum
That drum is killing me!
Nice atmosphere!:-)
Hazel is very good, I wait for more music :)
Hazel is a pro!
Love this one. A bit Bionic Commando 2 (or 3? ) feeling for me... Dunno why though.
I like the bass sound. But the overall sound experience is a little flat.
Thorougly enjoyed this. Lovely sound to it (as usual) cant be faulted.
This is rather enjoyable. Frankly, that's mostly because the original is pretty melodic to begin with. A decent, if not outstanding, remix.
Not quite typical hazel-quality as otherwise I should have clicked on a clear red one as most of the time for him! ;-) But it's lotsa fun to listen to that tune and it is - as always - really cool mixed as well as from the instrumet's choice!
Bouncy! Little bit much reverb/delay imo, otherwise very nice and I love your bassdrums too =)
I don't like the SID melody, neither this remix.
I really like the drum beat in this, overall a really nice sounding mix.
Very fat juicy bass there, lead is a bit twee but does the job.
Very nicely done!
Very old-skool... Great... He catches the vibes of the SID.
Hehe, the beat makes me think of Michael Jackson. Dunno why, I just do.
The most brilliant tune I´ve ever heard! Just great Hazel!
Nice mix, nice bass, nice samples. A bit 'droney' altogether, but that may be the style you're after.
Is it just me or do we smell Smooth Criminal bass beat here and there? :) Aaah, ending now... And a little of Panther too?:)
No idea what the original tune is, but I like this one :-)
Hazze.... Haze.. Hazel.! Aha, good!
Love it!
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Mostly well produced, but it seems to me that emptiness in the arrangement is attempted to be concealed by over-use of reverb. Still, pretty enjoyable bouncy tune.