Hazel - Boz Hubbard

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Hazel Veteran
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Ohh... This one was done as a little surprise for Boz.. I wish I could have seen his face when he saw it the first time😉

Made in one night and some tweaking the day after.. Well.. I think that the melody in his tune was quite catchy so I had to try and make something out of it. Maybe a decent remix of this one will appear in the future.
Really very well made.
A track like this would get a "red" if I could imagine it uncritically being enjoyed by club faaans, but there are a couple of moments that break the spell. Still great though, and what a wonderful composer to cover!
Well produced dance trance.
Excellently produced and nice to listen to
There's good and bad trance, and this is in the good category. It moves along in the right pace, and is very well produced, and captures the feel of the original SID in a pure unadultered dance trance way. Nice work Hazel!
HAHA! I did a version of this in FLStudio - maybe I should release my version :)
Good production. As always Hazel keeps a very high quality. But there is something missing but I can't really put my hands on it. Maybe it's the overall atmosphere of it. It just pumps and pumps. Lacks a little little finess IMO.
Hazel & Boz with da UNZ :):):):):):)!!!!
Straightforward and catchy.
Quite catchy, but missing "the kick"...
Uh, some elelments deserves an average.. And some outstanding.. Good it is.
Im sure the original sid was completely gash :p, jokes aside this is a very very nice tune (not unusual for the hazelster of course) and I am rather biased :p
Good stuff as always from Hazel, certainly works for me.
Great work - think its getting an outstanding for the TIME it took - its pure quality IMO
Too agressive sound for my taste.

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