Hazel - Breitbandkatze

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It was 1997 at The Party.. My eyes and ears were WIDE open.. An awesome C64 demo with damn cool music..

Well.. I never did forget that demo or the music so I finally decided to try and make a remix of one of the tunes from that demo.

You should check out the demo.. Breitbandkatze by Reflex
Much kudos to Hazel for this one - taking on a Praiser tune and making it your own isn't easy (especially as Praiser's C64 stuff is so good) - but Hazel succeeds and with aplomb! There's so much in it and so much to get out of it. His best work IMO.
Sounds great! I love it.
Reminds me of Stardust on Amiga. Sounds awesome ;)
You've been crancked! Love this stuff, true leg dislocater once again from H. Keep it up!
Again, a stomper from Hazel! Great job.
Oh so well mixed with SID sounds! Actually Hazel *should* make a Star Dust medley!
This is a true work of art Hazel!! Really enjoyed this one.
Simply amazing :-)
A "must have". Perfect!
Like a breakbeat god hazel looms over the planet and smashes his fist into the earth, you cant help but listen. Bloody great stuff like usual.
It's a very good rendition of a very good (though monotonous) SID but doesn't touch me emotionally.
Technically very skilled, but the SID-tune itself doesn't catch me.
Simply stunning! Could work anywhere on a dancefloor!
This song wont get the right rythm, it´s not the best I heard of Hazel.
Technically very skilled but also highly overrated.
Nice version of an already good praiser track, nice one!
Fun! Do more!

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