Hazel - Bruce Lee (Fists Of Fury)

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Hazel Veteran
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It's all very nice and clean sounding, but the emotion just isn't quite there. I can't put my finger on it, but it doesn't feel quite so Oriental enough, even with the speech samples here and there. It's still very good but needs a little tweak.
Cool. B)
Very cool. Laid back and that bass is just to die for.
Really groovy! The bass will make your ass shake - in two different ways.;)
The original has never been any of my favorite tracks, but this stomps.... And yes, that bass just shakes the walls!
Oh, that bass, my windows just popped out of the wall. Great track but it's a bit flat, no exciting peaks in the tune.
A realy good, tune... Nice punch in my sub... :)= and walls. :) but anyway.. It's missing somthing...
Thank you. Finally got a power drift remix after years. Now to only have a remake of the game.
Sweet ass bass. Didn't really like the arrangement overall. It has it's ups and downs, but it deserves this orange smile for that BASSSSSSS
Very original, maybe a bit too much so. The instrument I dislike the most in it is the one first heard at 1:06. I am not too crazy about the arrangement, but it's definitely different.
Boom.. Tick... ABADum! Click. Click. Tick.. Bloody marvelous stuff, loving this.
Really like it. Although the beginning is little too long for my taste. Should start earlier than after 1min, first... But cool style here, indeed!
Listening to that intro speaker makes me wanna see some of these Kung-Fu/Bruce Lee Eastern-Movies from the 60s/70s!
Nice sounds!
I don't know... It's good for now.
The intro is very promising, but then it turns out to be "yet another Bruce Lee". A technically very elaborate one I must admit, but not my cup of tea!
Keeps its beat very well, but the bass does overcome the talent of the changing treble notes.
Verrrry cool!!

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