Hazel - Eagles

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Hazel Veteran
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A VERY good track but I just really didnt like some of the sounds used
Hazel is really improving in his production skills - although I agree the sounds are weak in places I still think this is an outstanding piece of work
Really nice arrangement, very well made, and lots of neat touches.
Like it, but it lacks that real "fatness".
Good stuff, but it seems a bit repetetive to me even if Hazel does a great job using effects, sounds etc.
Not keen on the tune itself, but hazel has done a good job with it
More trance.. And some familiar sounding noises.. I absolutely love the breakbeat section.. The rest unfortunately gets bogged down in tranceria.. Good stuff but have to admit im bored of this style of music now.
Nice, but nothing special to me...
Strange beat from time to time. Then it's the usual (good) remix. Nothing outstanding by far but a good tune.
Although technically this is a pretty good production, as a SID remix I think it wanders a bit too far from the original tune for me. It would work really well in a club setting, though.
Well, nice... But not that much more unfortunately...! I heard better tracks from hazel so far! He _can_ do better for sure!;-)
Nice one!
Best of the best!!!!
Bass in this song rocks, and not to mention.. Well... It's just great.
Nice and angry!:]
Kudos for the song choice and the "atomic playboy" sample. But nothing special all in all!
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This is one of my favourite tunes. I love the low and growly bass, especially when it's thumping in my car. The speakers almost give out! Great thump thump stuff.