Hazel - Eternal Light (When The Sky Glows)

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Hazel Veteran
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Ooh, now I do like this. It develops nicely on Agemixer's piece and just has plenty of space to breathe and flow and sounds perfect as club background music. Really enjoyable this one.
I'd dance to this!
Best dancey track I heard in a while now... Top stuff!
Yeah, I like it, very good stuff
Nice with some new UNZ and some great unz at that.
Wow. Even more UNZ then I thought possible. And it fits the original! AWESOME! Keep it up, mate! Let's hear more Agemixer remixes!
That's great
Nice electronica, but I find the arrangement aimless. It just floats, bounces, but doesn't really go anywhere. Still, great sounds, enjoyable.
Brilliant. Need I say more, a prime peice of UNZ if ever there was one
Cracking stuff!
Hazel-style! Whyt to say more? You are simply _nuts_ in many places!:-)
I like this tune, but mostly because the walkietalkie conversation is a real one recorded from the Rendelsham Forest UFO sighting in 1980.
Really nice
Great! Love the drums, particularly the snare with the nice high-pass filtered white noise:ish reverb.
This remix is excellent... Synths, melody & combination of that radio transmition is perfect!
Technically good, but doesn't touch me in any way.
Mr Mofo Breakbeat does it again... Another winner
Oh... Hazel the best, good work!
If I didnt love you so much id hate you cos your so talented!!! Amazing work
Wow! The Rendlesham forest audio really brings atmosphere to this piece. Midnight car driving music I tell ya.
Good tune, no doubt I will get back to this :)
Cool track, nostalgic sid music remixed into nostalgic dance music!
Perfect work.
So that's how it sounds like? ! :-O Awesomely caught improvement! Stunning remix, space effects, realistic radio conversation... Meanwhile lost somewhere in outern space... Now thats something so scifi I could call space trance!;)
Great piece of trance music
Credit where credit is due.
Very nice. Enjoyed it.
Agemixer Hazel-lified is a very strong electro molothow mixture is what I can say.
Wow, that's cool!
Wonderfully done.

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