Hazel - Green Beret (We Shall Never Surrender)

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Hazel Veteran
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AWESOME! There aren't that many remixes of this SID and this one does it justice... Not sure if the chord progression is right in places though :)
I was hooked on this by the second listen, a fantastic take on the original sid
Cool spacy synth violin!:)
Really nice take on green beret. Sounds so original yet so retro at the same time. How does he do that? Love the break, it certainly gives it a green beret feel.
Very nice and melodic, and lots of neat little touches that do the original justice. Grows on you with every listen, too.
Absolutely tremendous.. Nothing else to say.. Nothing else needed.
Yes! Due slay-radio plays it on and on, I guess its more popular then the voting will suggest ;-) the end could be better - maybe in an other release?:)
Good conversion, the lead was a bit off in the beginning, but the rest is well done.
Excellent tune and very evocative especially with the inspired choice of having a Churchill speech mixed in.
I don't like the war sounds. This remix is only average.
If a remix can give you such an immersive experience with just OEM Dell speakers and WMPlayer with its WOW, it deserves several ROTY trophies!
Technically, this is well executed, the arrangement is not bad, either, but something is missing here that prevents me from rating it high.
Sounds alright, but weak instruments let it down.
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What an amazing piece! Just makes me want to lean back and remember WW2, especially the break with the samples of war, and the speech by Churchill. (hence the title of the tune). Love the way you mix between techno-like tune and almost a classical piece that could be played by an orchestra. This is on my playlist. Could have wished for a no-so-open ending. Maybe another part of a speech from WW2, slowly fading away ?