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Hazel - Magic Funk

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Arranged by:
Hazel Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
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This SID really brings up the nostalgic feeling. 
I remember using the SID in one of the crappy C64 demos I made in the past.  
Unfortunately I credited 'fireeagle' for the music back then. Many years later I found out that the SID was really made by Jeroen Soede.
How embarrassing was that ?

I have used QuadraSID plugin to add the SID flavour to the remix.
I've run out of compliments to give. Tis good tis very good.
Never heard original before. Not bad SID and your cover is pretty nice!:)
I like the crunchy punchy drums. But somehow this tune seems like it doesn't know where it wants to go.
Good punch
Cool stuff, but it sounds a little like the lead instrument is missing...
That SID was new for me too, but the remix matches well and it's well.. Very good! But I guess it really meanders, like Omoroca said.
Nice more oldskool sounding attempt with nice use of the QuadraSID. But the lead is really lost within the mix and doesn't sound that clear, which spoils it somewhat.
Like this, nice mix and as usual good overall quality......
I always loved the drums in the original SID and this arrangement really captures it! I don't agree that the lead is lost - this is how the lead is played in the original SID too, which again makes this arrangement capture some of the original feeling.
A little too much SID arpeggio in there for my taste, but a solid arrangement and production, nevertheless.
Enjoyable, but the lead is a bit too weak for my taste...

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