Hazel - Mugsys Revenge

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Hazel Veteran
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Excellent effort here and just enhances the original very nicely, with a nice solid arrangement and killer bass line throughout.
Nice one! I'd completely forgotten about this excellent Brennan tune.
Hazel does it again.
Typical bloody Hazel - awesome - cant really knock it
Technically very skilled, but those aggressive sounds and the extreme dynamic compression are not my cup of tea.
It got a really catchy groove, but I don't really like the tune itself... So, a red face for the remix and grey one for the sid.
Way too much reverb for my liking, and I surely do not like the original melody... Very haphazard notes I cannot predict... Rhythm is top notch though.
Damn, this is hot. Agree with slaygon!:)
It would've been nice to push this a little further and make it sound more like a mob movie soundtrack. But it's pretty good as is, quite enjoyable! Maybe knock down the reverb a notch, too, makes it sound very muddy.
Groovy shit :) I don't mind about the high reverb but it could've been a bit longer.
My vote for my favourite composer is the as ever : Catchy and sounds professional. Good work!
As the vote says: outstanding! I like it!
Easily the best thing about the game... Stonking bass line and the rest isn't bad either!
Mr Breakbeat hits the spot again... This is so fat and lovely!
Very nice! Hard to sit still to this one! :) Upgraded vote to Outstanding! Simply love this!
Outstanding Life, beat melody and rythm combination, exelent remix
Just Great!!! Luv this one very much.. Good job
Witty :) I like this version much better than the original.

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