Hazel - Remark

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One of my later on favourite tunes. And no wonder.. It's Jeroen Tel who in my opinion was one of the greatest c64 composers.
The original tune had an very catchy melody and was really quite funky..  It has been up-tempoed a bit.

Aaaw! Some of those sounds are just bliss to blast in the headphones! High quality Hazel, as we've come to expect from this remix-hero!
Someone's given Hazel the unz machine and he's used it to pretty good effect. Some of the lead instruments are a bit weak though and need a bit of stronger feel, but it's all there. Nice work.
I like this high-energetic remix!! Second half really rocks!
Ok ok - stop this - all these QUALITY remixes - this is nice and warming - nice work
Oh, yeah. Hazel unzifies Remark, but in a fresh and original way. Love it.
Fresh and going forward! Hazel starting _high_ in 2007 already! Wonder what will come next from his side! He's owning the top-rank at the mo'! So where the hell is mooooooog for example!? ;-D It can't be made _that_ easy for him, could/should it?;-)
Really good, but you should try to add more deep to the song. Perhaps higher quality samples or more instruments. But don't get me wrong: this song goes to my favourites directory :)
My first comment, I need to comment on more tracks :P This is pretty good :D
Standard "boom" remix, clean sound, raw and bouncy.
Another great Hazel Track. Wow and 2007 just started.
Good remix... It kinda annoys me that the notes in the lead aren't correct... Sounds like the notes that uses slide/glisando aren't correct... Have you been using some sid2midi conversion program... I also miss the typical Jeroen phrasing in the lead...
Quite pleasant
Love it :D
I like the way the Hazel's style is going to :)
Althought quality is excellent, this is nothing more than a good remix.
Nice and punchy, quality as always from Hazel.
This is great stuff!
A bit boring but technically Ok.
Brings back memories of one of the best c-64 discmag-systems ever,
Very good
Wow this one ruleZ!
Great dance mix and well produced!!! Keep em coming H
Excellent dance treatment of this lesser-known Jeroen Tel piece. Really gets me moving. Well-produced, bouncy, very enjoyable!
Shake it baby! Baby shake that ass!! I love it when u feel like gettin' nasssty! D-d-d-d-dit-d'd'd'd'd-dit.....
Great Remix of a Jeroen Tel classics!
I'll can shout whatever I want. As long as it doubles my vote: O U T S T A N D I N G!
Can't remember the game but the track is great!

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