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Arranged by:
hermitsoft Remixer
Composed by:
Anders Andréen (ATOO)
All-Time charts position:
A nice effort, and an alright, if a bit flat home-recording, but the arrangement falls out of sync with itself several times, and that's the biggest issue. A bit more tweaking would probably have been in order.
Great work but the mixing itself lets it down, its virtually in mono so theres a lot of conflict, some stereo separation would make this a sweet mix.
I like it.
Nice one Hermit, I really like this one a lot (only minus is mixing sounds a bit flat)
Wow, a really tight arrangement. Great drums... Actually, the whole thing - guitars and all. I love this!!
Great remix of even a greater, but underestimated SID!! It reminds me of some good old Johannes Bjerregaard tunes! - p2/HeAtWaVe
This is what I call great remix, very close to red!
Very brave decision to use guitars as the lead, but it does work. Unfortunately, the mixing is mono and several subtleties of the original that made it so exciting are missing here. But its wacky spirit is intact. Well done, but fix the mixing.
Nice one. Cool instrument setting.
I love that ending...
I love it. One of the rare guitar-driven remixes that really turn me on.
I love guitar...
Good but I feels so raw and live..... And unfinnished
It needs a better mixing, take the advices of them guys. In my part - put a little more feeling in guitar solo parts. Despite its flaws, I liked this track a lot. Nem rossz!:)

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