Hiryu - Congo Bongo (Beat-O-Bongo mix)

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Arranged by:
Hiryu Adept
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Erm, yes... Erm, next please...
Wouldnt say it was bad but there was NO substance there whatsoever
What? ! Skitz, is that you pulling our legs?
Boring, repetitive, dull. Simple as that.
Okay, so I've got a thing for Congo Bongo remixes.
Adds much to the original! Very catchy. Maybe the other subtunes should have been included to enhance it.
OK it´s a joke, but I love it! Especially the scratching part! Lol
If your going to use scratch samples you really need to make them at least coherant rather than just random swish noises.. It ruins the tune somewhat.. Unfortunately the tune is a wee bit monotonous too.. Nice try though.
Hey, a poor rating would be unfair. This is much better than the sid! Extra point for the boldness to do it!
Alright. :D Go Congo-Bongo on me!
The original SID is pretty bad to begin with and this remix adds nothing to it to make it better.
... Music, do you know wath mean this word?
I hate bongos... :-D
Shorter than short and with no content. Sorry.
Strangely appealing (taps foot, nods head)
All I have to say is: wtf?
Not one of that usual dance, techno mixes. Kind of jazzy influence...
The style seems so self-convinced, I like that. Nice scratching! This tune made me smile.

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