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This is my remix of Parallax by Martin Galway I did for Hugi issue #38.  I know it's been done loads of times but it's a personal classic of mine and have wanted to give it some treatment.


I tried to keep the arrangment close-ish to the original to keep the repetative / hypnotic vibe of the original.


Hope you like it.


This deserves my red cause first time for a long time I got caught by a remix. Great overall built up and pace are so great man you did it right :) plz do more remixes this was like a fresh breeze
It came out of nowhere. And it is very good. But: the drums hit far to late and the synths are out of order in my opinion Thats just my humble listening experience Still a great piece of remix music...
What a great first entry. One of the best versions out there that doesn't strictly follow the original. Well mixed, and well paced. Great stuff.
Awesome track and sounds close to the original. Nice work.
Very good remix with a nice soundscape. However, the drums feels slightly off-sync at times and the arrangement could have been better. Great work otherwise!
Great remix but the drums are given more importance than the leads,
I understand you man. It's a timeless, haunting tune, the good way. It's done right, I like the power in your remix. It's kickin' major ass when the beat goes straight in the last section. Welcome to the board!
I love the drums! Awesome! Added to my collection.
I really like this remix, I actually love the drums, it gives the tune some weight to it. Well done!
Slightly unbalanced instrumentation wise, but fuckit! I love it! Very nice work! Welcome aboard!
This is a very good remix for a newcomer! Retains the trance-inducing style of the original, and also adds its own unique touches to it.
Excellent. A lot of work went into this! Sounds fresh and modern, yet respects the original. Well done!!
Powerful, nervous and well done! The drums are superb, powerful, but not overwhelming, yet... Wow

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