AUW - Theme From Lotus 3 (Remix)

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Arranged by:
Horace303 Remixer
Composed by:
Patrick Phelan
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It was very odd that i ended up remixing the theme to Lotus 3. 6 months ago i probably couldnt have even remembered the tune, but never forgot the game. Only when i began emulating my old amiga, and decided to install Lotus 3, did i suddenly recall what an amazing theme tune it was.

So being me, i went hunting for Lotus 3 remixes, here was a tune that reminded me of some of the great electro that i had been listening to (Felix Da Housecat, Prodigy etc) and so must have been remixed by somebody already.... i could only find one remix, and it didnt really capture what i thought was great about the original, so i thought... "sod it - i'll do it myself."

And here it is.... the electro-breakz-apparently a bit goa (i suspect thats just the 303 though) remake/remix of the theme from Lotus 3.

the kit list

i know some people like to know, and i never object to listing it, so here's what kit i used to make this remix....
  • Sequencing / Mixing; Cubase
  • MIDI re-written from Octamed (because the bloody save-to-midi files wouldnt load properly in cubase grrr)
  • "Erasure" samples from original MOD file lovingly hand-programming into my Roland tb-303, complete with original accenting.
  • Access Virus Sounds including some on-the-fly high-pass filter techniques.
  • Novation BassStation (double layered) for main line
  • Various drum samples from free sources for the drum track
  • All recorded 24-bit with my M-Audio Delta 1010

Anyway, i hope you enjoy the remix as much as i have enjoyed making it!
Well done direct cover. Nothing more, nothing less.
Sounds clear, but mixing and choice of instruments could be better.
Lots of pretty much nothing going on in this tune, evidence though of much thought..
I cant give this a high remark.. This is not a remix, more like a straight cover of the original tune and the original is WAY better then this one.. This has no feeling and a very repetetive drumbeat. This doesnt do it for me..
Its good done.:-)
Review by lomaxx


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

I like remixes that are very close to the original version. In the beginning i was discouraged to listen to the remix because of the beat. My thought: "Oh no, not another remix using a stupid disco-beat." However this is exactly how the original version starts and luckily this changes soon. So, except for one little later part, which brings up a 'BUMM BUMM BUMM', the rythm-section is rather authentic and well done.

The sounds are well chosen and i do not notice any flaws about the overall mixing.

However there is one big 'hair in the soup'. In the lead-melody some tones are played wrong as far as i can recognize (i do not consider myself to be someone with 'golden ears' though). When compared to the original version one note actually starts on the correct pitch, but is not bend up half a tone like it should. Also two other notes in the original version are played twice on the same pitch, while in the remix they differ. You might say "hey, this is a remix", but to me this sounds rather disharmonic since i am used to the orginal lead for years. Horace303, if you read this and agree with me, then try to change this! ;) It would greatly improve the remix in my opinion.

My overall impression: A well done remix, that keeps up the spirit of the original version.