Cybernoid (Movements 2 & 3)

Track info
Arranged by:
Horace303 Remixer
Composed by:
Gary Knight
All-Time charts position:
This one was done a very long time ago. In fact it began in 1997 when i was but 16.

It was arranged largely on the Roland MC-303, which was a brand new piece of kit at the time, with a few extra external midi bits and bobs.

Much of the credit for this belongs to my brother, who put most of the work in, although he never touches music these days.

I decided around 2000 to clean it up a bit, changing a few synth sounds and adding a few new layers. Extra midi programming for the (then new!) Access Virus with Octamed Soundstudio. Movement one was also scored and added at the time, and is a remix of the ZX spectrum theme tune, this however, is not included.

this version features;
  • Roland MC-303
  • Access Virus
  • Novation BassStation
  • Novation Drumstation
  • Some Yamaha piece of rubbish (briefly)

The copy on here is that final version i made way back then, so my mixing/production skills werent at their best, but, i think its good enough.

Its unlikely i'll ever go back to re-working this version of the remix, (since it would take an age to transfer all the midi data to cubase) which is why i dont mind chucking it out here, but maybe one day i'll do an entirly different mix of the same theme, seeing as how i still love it.

hope you enjoy it for what it is.
This is quite nice after you get past the first slow parts... :D
Well done! More... More... More! ... :D
Nice done.:-)

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