Super Monsterboy in Wonderland

Track info
Arranged by:
Horace303 Remixer
Composed by:
David Whittaker
All-Time charts position:
"What is this?" i hear asked...


please don't take this remix too seriously, you only have to look at the title to realise this!

I just happened to like the little repeating sub-tune, and thought it would work quite well as a little "nu-skool breakz" remix (as i believe the term is.)

Remaining from the original is *only* the lead chipsound, the rest is a some tb303 lines, a bit of Access Virus and a few layered up drum samples, with added fx and mixing.

"Why not change the main line? it sounds like the original with bits added" - why not indeed? because i happened to like it is all. When i wrote it, i pasted the original lines into cubase in order to work them out, and ended up enjoying David Whittaker's original lead line on it so much, i thought it would spoil it to change it.

I know simple, dance-y remixes of game music seems to be getting less and less popular these days, but its the kind of thing i like, and i only write these remixes for the fun i have doing them. So perhaps this will not be my most favoured remix to date....

i hope some of you out there might feel the same way as i do about it. who knows?
What is this? Amiga + Drums... This is simply not good.
This isn't bad. Enjoy it in its simplicity. I like the repeating sub-tune too.
The drums remind me a little of Mariane by the human league.. A little.. I quite like it.. Not for that reason. Its just pleasant...
The name for this one should be: "Super 8-bit-boy in REVERBland"
Best Remix Of Wonderboy In Monsterland EVER!! Screw you's who think differently you obviously dont know shit!
Good attempt, but a little bit to "scratchy". Anyway, not bad.
The tune isn't bad but it sounds harsh

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