Ic3m4n - Breathless (feat. Jen Someone)

Track info
Arranged by:
Ic3m4n Remixer
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Piotr Kuciapski (Wizard)
All-Time charts position:
Really cool SID (imho)...again one of Wizard's works.
The lyrics & vocals are made by Jen Someone. Instead of pitching, i used some sort of autotune here. Because the original vocal song is a soft rock / pop song, i thought i go in the complete other direction (again) ;)
Oh..and the style changes at around 2 minutes...hope you dont mind ;)

EDIT: Since you asked for, you should get it ;)
Here is the instrumental version: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/227205
I hope you can download it without registration there, but i dont want to spam RKO and dont have some other place to upload right now.

@ Amok: Thanks again!

@ The_SIE: Thank you

@ paralax: Just look above ;) Thank you too !
Technical outstanding. But although I even dont know the original it just doesnt sound right sometimes... Great work...
I like the instrumental part very much. And the style change is very good, if only u had left out that crybaby.
Like paralax said.
Hm, I have to agree with others, voice is the problem, and It would be better if there were no style change at second minute :)
Very good (for the instrumental version). I like this song.
You have to listen to this more than twice. It is a personal and well arranged remix. The composition is definetely not flawless but the choices of instruments are brilliant. Good work here. Orange and happy....
Maybe too much effects on the voice...
Hehe, the voice is what gives the taste to this song.

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