Ic3m4n - Copycat (Sunrise Mix)

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First of all, i want to thank all you guys that commenting the tracks here. Without your effort, a progress in creating music wouldn´t be possible!

By searching the huge SID archive i found this little gem by Fegolhuzz. A great piece of work (imho) ! The sweet voice is taken from Shannon Hurley´s (http://www.myspace.com/shannonhurley) Sunrise. It´s a track that is free for remixing (http://ccmixter.org/files/shannonsongs/15139). At thas site you can find a lot of vocal-artist.
I think the voice fits perfectly into that tune...too bad i had to pitch some parts, but there was no way around.

So the probs fly out to Shannon & Frederick.
Good remake!
Very nice...:)
Probably the best remix you've done so far, keep it up!
Wow, absolutely stunning mix, I have to give this a red smiley for the feeling it's giving me, great vibes in it! :D Best one so far, no question about it!
Way better than previous mixes from you. But guess this one won't stay in my collection anyways cause of the pretty average sound-style overall. But well, that's subjective taste of course.
Sorry, I guess I should have used the shoutbox rather than the review box. Oh well bite me :D
Good but the aren't in my style. For me they are to choatic and the "sunrise" doen't fit in anyway to the song IMO
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I REALLY love this tune.
I heard it randomly on Slay, then a few hours later decided to try and find what track it was. Very imaginative remix, having heard Shannons track, Id never have imagined to use that vocal for a remix, but it works so well