Ic3m4n - IK+ (Kick It)

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Arranged by:
Ic3m4n Remixer
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Original composed by:
Rob Hubbard
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There are already a lot of very good remixes of this tune out there, but i just had to do an own version. Rob Hubbard's arrangement was really great in the original, so i did not touched it a lot. Most of the production time went into the choice of instruments...not sure if i got the right sounds...

Thanks for your comments, guys !

@ _steve_: thanks for pointing it out...was not sure about the vocals. i believe there is already a remix with the original sound fx made...so i wanted something new, but still related.

@ ryrynz: thats a good point...thanks.

@ Satanarchist: WTH r u ? You dont like it? Ok, i can live with it! No need to be aggressive.

@ infamous: not easy to fill 8 minutes...i was thinking about shortening the tune, but now it´s too late ;)

@ Master Baator: i should have made other voice-samples...most of you, seem to dont like them...i thought they are cool :P
I really do like this, but I just feel that the speech used in it detracts from the tune, and somehow feel that the original sound effects would be better used instead. So close to an orange face.
It's good but a bit tame, never got to the the voice bits, it just sounded too much the same throughout.
Sounds like a robot burping all the way through it.. WTF were you thinking.
Vocals really ruined it a lot, sound selection so-so, some sounds, I love the kick/snare sounds, that smooth acidish bassline is great, but overall good arrangement.
Its missing something, it does sound very good though in a modern kraftwerk style it just feels a bit empty, but still its a good tune.
This is a hard one to rate. The composition and arrangement is really awesome, but it lacks suprises and I agree on the voice with the others. The end result is a bit boring, but at the same time intelligent and shows your potential :-S
Quite OK :) Nothing really great but nothing really bad either.
Lifeless, but not in a good Kraftwerk way.
Wow, this really stands out! Some parts might be too similar to the orignal though. Still, a very good remix of a tune I never really liked that much. This version is neat. Only yellow because of the voice samples.
At first I assumed it'd be a redundant mix but I like the breakbeat style and I love the vocals. A very cool, laid-back remix. Half the length would suffice though.

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