Ic3m4n - Lois Lane (Overboard)

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Arranged by:
Ic3m4n Remixer
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Stellan Andersson (Dane)
All-Time charts position:
A very cool eurodance SID by Stellan Andersson. I love the sound of the original SID, so i sampled and used it a lot in the remix. Also i tried to avoid using a vocoder or autotune to keep it more human...but some parts had to be pitched. The lead synth is (heaviely) inspired by ABBA`s Head Over Heels...it also reminds me somehow of old DeMo tracks :P Anyway...hope you can enoy the listening.

Lyrics and vocals by Shannon Hurley.

@ all: Thanks for your comments! Yes, i know it sounds unusual ;) But i think music dont have to be always harmonic...it feels wrong at first, but it has its own feel to it. So i understand if some of you cant enjoy this
Cool stuff and I like the singing but I think the sid is maybe a little bit to loud
The arrangement is great, and I love the SID-sound!!! However, the singing sounds a bit wierd when you mix pitched and non-pitched parts... Also, it sounds like she's having problem to follow the melody, and her voice weakens at some points..?
Love the arrangement, but yeah a few parts of the vocals do sound out of place.
Weaker than his usual stuff, the vocal just doesnt do it for me im afraid but the rest of the tune is nice, the arrangement is lovely and no matter how hard I try I just cant dislike an iceman tune.
'Ice' is a cool composer and the choice of SID is very surprising. The result has two sides of a coin. The composition is fantastic and has all SID in it, but the vocal is too much Björk on helium (or some drug). This ruins the final result. Sorry 'Ice'!
That weird pitch takes it down, therefore good. Otherwse very good remix.
Like the others, I don't like the strange vocals/singing (for me too much singing in the song) but the sound/tune is very great anyway.
Nah... Some good elements but overall not very enjoyable in my ears.
Kudos for being rather unusual and original! "Head Over Heels" is definitely in there, and the dissonance of singing vis-a-vis the rest of the tune is strangely appealing. Very, very unusal and interesting, but rather intriguing.
Love the vocals in this remix.
Though this might not be the cleanest arrangement in the world (the voices could be a bit louder and less distorted/noisy), this just works so amazingly well for me. Instant love. I like the vocals by the way - I don't think it would work so well without.
This is a bit of a guilty pleasure due to the high-pitched voice. Maybe some distortion would work better but otherwise it's a top-notch remix and the vocals work, too.
Good music but strange singing sometimes...

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