Ic3m4n - Magic Afternoon (instrumental)

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Magic Afternoon (instrumental)
Arranged by:
Ic3m4n Remixer
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Alan Petrik (Factor6)
All-Time charts position:
This remix was made to be the base for some rap lyrics...but i think it´s fine without ;) Thats why its called instrumental. Maybe i do another version later.
If someone wants to add lyrics & vocals, i can create single tracks of the drums, synths & bass...just an idea :P

Thank you for the comments !

@ infamous: The original is really great...i can listen to it over and over ;)

@ Master Baator: Will definitely do a faster version, because you´ve asked so nice

@ Caboose: Wich one did you mean? The lead synth that starts at 1:07 ?

Thumbs up good remix :)
Cool :)
Good stuff!!!
Really nice, never heard the original so taking it on artistic merits and its definitely a keeper, great work.
The original SID is really cool and your composition is interesting and has a fantastic sound quality. Please do a more speedy remix to ring my bells. Pleaaase!!! You are the man for the task ;-)
Yes, it's great without lyrics. Really good, quality remix.
One of those instruments (higher pitched ones) was really too loud!
Easy going and very funky. I haven't heard the SID to this before.
The original sid was ok - this is good but a little bland - so I can see it was set to voice over - nice work though
Great piece of work.
Cooooool :) Yep it works perfectly without any vox. BTW: Why do people force that rap-thing anyway? Is singing that difficult? ;P That tune would be a great, great escort for MELODIC vocals and great lyrics.
Very good.
This is one of my favourite (and in my opinion, of the most underrated) songs on the site. Amazing work!
Nice one! Very mellow! Added to my collection.
Yep. The reduced charakter makes it very special and standing out of the line.
Very good remix!
Review by Galaldir


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

I have to admit it, this is the first time ever that I hear *any* version of Magic afternoon.

It all started some month ago when looking for vintage computer game related music (originals and remixes as well) for playing them at Retro Games eV. In Karlsruhe, Germany. A good friend of mine just brought an extra CD... and this very version of Magic Afternoon was there. At first I just ignored the (for me) unknown title. It was after some weekends that it accidentally got live while I was attending some customers...

… that was amazing! Some people stopped playing at the arcade machines and pinballs just for asking what the name of the tune was, or for some that were more savvy than me, for asking which interpreter did that version of Magic Afternoon

Huh? Dunno...

This interpretation just fixed my attention making me getting curious for hearing at the original version, and after doing so I was more that thrilled when realizing how amazingly well this remix version was
planed and performed.


  • It respects the essence of the original. The most important point for me.
  • It's spacy (is this the correct term?), I love that.
  • The tune is clean and consistent, well balanced, but... (see below)
  • The selection of instruments is almost flawless.
  • Introduces some subtle improvements and variances compared to the original.
  • The drums are just perfect

  • The lead Xilophone/Arpeggiator is a little bit shrill and loud, specially at the higher pitches.
  • The lead Synth could be a little less... hmmm... acid?
  • Bass and Base-Pad (Specially the bass) could be a little bit more present, but maybe this is just due to the dominating lead Xilo and Synth.

All in all. One of my all time favorites in my retro music collection.

I give it the best note.

And thank to the interpreter for sharing!