Ic3m4n - Magic Afternoon (transfigurated)

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Magic Afternoon (transfigurated)
Arranged by:
Ic3m4n Remixer
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Alan Petrik (Factor6)
All-Time charts position:
What? Magic Afternoon again? Yes...this is an exception...this is the 'more speedy remix' of Magic Afternoon. Requested by Master Baator. Nearly one year has passed since i uploaded my first remix here...and all the time, i got comments that helped me to learn more So this is some sort of 'thank you all'...something i wanna give back to the community. Keep it up, folks ! ...and keep the scene alive

The name of the remix shows clearly the source of inspiration: Transfiguration by Dave Davis. The human sample ‘Oh’ was really overused during the 90s, but today it makes a fresh sound for a C64 remix.
You use snare way to much, I really like the "Oh" sample, haven't heard it for a while (and I agree with you about that). Overall it's close to very good, but my final mark is yellow smiley.
Nice work. Surprisingly good trancy version of the original SID. I like the beep- and OH-sample. The beat and synth harmonise. COOL. But what happened to the keyboard timing and the no-beat section. YIKES!!! No orange face due to this...
I find most of your remixes too silly or excentric. This one's pretty laid-back and quite beautiful especially for driving on the Autobahn at night. It's true: "I listen to you at home, on my way to work and at work. I just love the music"

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