Ic3m4n - Rubicon (2008 Edit)

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Rubicon (2008 Edit)
Arranged by:
Ic3m4n Remixer
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Jeroen Tel & R. Ouwehand / MoN
All-Time charts position:

Did not know where this subtune appears in the game...but i was told that it´s the loader tune ;)  Anyway...it´s a great track by Reyn Ouwehand (or Jeroen Tel). So i wanted to remix it...in my own way :p

It would sound much better with a real guitar, but unfortunately i cannot play guitar very well. I have tried everything to get a great sound...but that´s the best i could get out of FL  i am not really satisfied with it, but it´s the best that i could do.

Have fun listening !

EDIT: Thanx for ya comments so far...will shortly answer them...

LaLa: The more i hear this track, the more i like the guitar ;) But i will create a radio-edit soon...then i try to realize most of the input/feedback i got and cut it down to just the first part.

Paralax: Short on words today, äh ? ;)

weasel: I think i added a lot to this...for example: the piano that starts at 0:52 (and plays a while) was 'composed' by myself. i tried to be as close to the original style as possible...but you have your opinion and that´s great (and i respect that) ! At least you did not only give grey...but add your statement too. TY

Nice arrangement, good ideas, although the mix is a bit soft. Adding the guitar was a big mistake, it's totally distracting, the piece was just fine without it.
Just an average piece for me here! Sorry. The point about the guitar is absolutely right, too! The overall mixing could also be improved and there are too less 'ideas' in the result as well.
Imo there are many ideas here. Nice groove. The guitar could be better for sure, but overall I really like it...
A solid attempt, maybe a different instrument should have been used instead of the guitar, but overall nicely done.

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