Susanne (Another Sometime)

Track info
Susanne (Another Sometime)
Arranged by:
Ic3m4n Remixer
Composed by:
Marc Fischer (Ray)
All-Time charts position:

What happens when you try to combine two very sweet female voices with a remixed 8-bit-track by Marc Fischer ?!


Another Remix ;)

This remix has a lil 80s touch to it, which fits the voice very good. But i know i have a strange taste -.-  Hopefully this works for you...i just hope that Rose & Shannon dont mind what i did to their voice ;P !?


Enjoy the listening !!

(L)yrics & (V)ocals by: Rose (Rose Walker)
(A)dditional vocals by: Shannon Hurley

No doubt your best remix so far.
Good stuff, but typical Iceman! :-) I mean, your skills are improving and it sounds great - but, it's the pieces that just don't fit together. Whale samples, eurodisco, SID-sound, echo-effect in strange places...
Its so great ((: wonderfull beginning lovely stuff
Kinda hard to vote on this one. Technically absolutely improved and a good remix of the original, but I miss some highlight(s) in this one. And the whale sound dosn't fit for me. But please keep on remixing on that level Ic3m4n!:)
Very good one, mate :)
Absolutely works for me! And I agree with Kristian: your best one so far.
This is awesome!! Only thing that I dislike in this one are those whale sounds..
I couldn't find anything that I like in this song, and what I don't like is chaotic sounds, those female voices sometimes doesn't fit to the rytm or melody and so on
Gave me the chills.=)
2008, suprised ive not heard this track before. I really like it though, another class act from Ic3m4n :-)

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