Ic3m4n - The Magic Writer 1 (PoPPin' Over Here)

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Arranged by:
Ic3m4n Remixer
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Original composed by:
Jens Blidon
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Started this a while back...and luck'ly found a little time to finish it.

This is the first subtune (of 10 in total) made by Jens Blidon. My goal is to remix all of them with great (imho) written lyrics made by some magical writers ;)  But i haven't even started with those...so this will take a while now...

Thanks to M Dot, T-Rex & White Cheddar from the Spaced Out Crew for the lyrics & vocals !

Btw: You know where the scratched & sliced sample is taken from ?!  ;)

EDIT: For the non-vocal version, go here pls: http://www.newgrounds.com/audio/listen/228176 (Though i think it's missing something...but maybe you like that more)

@ gator: No Problem, i can make a track without the vocals & will add the link here. But it could be sound odd, because lots of percussions, samples and even the C64-sound in the beginning are bound to the vocals.

@ Amok: Dank Dir ;)

@ commodoremuseum: i tolerate your taste...and offered a non-vocal-version too. so could you please please tolerate other tastes too? Nevermind.

Would have been better without the lyrics. Can we have a music only mix uploaded?
Very nice arrangment but in this case the lyrics pull it down a bit.
I like it! :) It's nice with vocals, but far from perfect, there are mistakes, and at some points vocals are not one with the overall remix feel.
Very nice like it so much :) at some parts the lyrics dont fit but overall very good
NO MORE LYLICS!!! THEY SUCK - Ruined a good tune
Good song, but same oppinion like most of the others: without lyrics (or not so much lyrics) it would be very good.
Horrible lyrics...
Well, this is fun!
I really like the tune. And I'm surprised that I like the lyrics, as this is usually not my preferred style.

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