Ic3m4n - Tiffany (Neverending Story)

Track info
Tiffany (Neverending Story)
Arranged by:
Ic3m4n Remixer
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Rodney Balai
All-Time charts position:

The original SID has a really nice melody...composed by Rodney Balai in 1991 for the C64-Mag Game-On...and it also has some nice instruments...at some parts it sounds like they are 'talking' or 'singing' This remix could also be called SID´n´Drums ;) I just hope it´s not too much.

PS: I am sure everyone knows a Tiffany :P ...i mean: such an ice-cold Girl, that dont answer your calls...but you´re still after her...and this goes on and on like a Neverending Story ;)

@ condor: could really work ;) i should give it a go...

@ prowler: good idea with that violins! ...oh, and good luck with da girl :P

@ Amok: thanks, mate.

@ Master Baator: thanks for the compliment.
Could be nicer to put some eurodance vocals over it.
Quite nice remix after all! It grew on me a bit towards the end (but it could have been even better if you had added some violins or "stroking" sounds the last 40 s). Anyway, I'll try contacting my Tiffany today again ;-)
Ic3n4n strikes back. Close to red my friend. Impressive mixing :)
You always suprise me, Iceman, with your compositions. This time however it sounds more like a patchwork of ideas than a cohesive composition. The production is good with clear samples, but it doesn't get me. Sorry to say...
I simply LOVE its old-school sound. Six (or seven) thumbs up!

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