ifadeo - Delta Hiscore (Mann im Mond Mix)

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Delta Hiscore (Mann im Mond Mix)
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ifadeo Veteran
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Well, yet another 'Delta' ?? NOOO, it's a unique ifadeo version of the
'Delta Victory' tune... I hope you like it.... ;)
Delta Hiscore (Mann im Mond Mix)
Good Job! IMO captures the relaxed mood of the original quite well.
For me the BEST! Delta Hi-Score RMX!
Review by lagerfeldt


Artistic skill

Nostalgia factor

Overall rating

The title "Mann im Mond" is perhaps a reference to the space setting of Delta, otherwise it's lost on me since the remix iteself doesn't have any particular sound to it that otherwise explains the title. In fact this is hardly a remix in the truest sense, more a 1:1 remake of the original Rob Hubbard theme.

The technical impression is above average with nice panorama spacing, judicial use of reverb, and a soft but bouncy bass line sound. The drums are slightly annoying however, with a micro zap acting as closed hi hat dub, a somewhat phasing kick drum and a standard 606/808 type gated reverb snare drum. The major niggle however, is the lead sound which is a bit weedy sine tone which lacks some intensity and presence in the mix. Perhaps a choice of a more pronounced lead synth would have added a lot to the overall impression of this rendition in order to highten the initial impact.

Since this is a 1:1 cover version not much original stuff has been added to the song, no new themes or change of underlying chords - even the arrangement progression or arpeggiator synth haven't been tingled with. Merely sporadic use of some phasing and panning effects thrown in for good measure.

I feel a remix should always add something or change the perspective of the song in order to justify itself.

The overall impression is that of a technical adequate remake that doesn't add anything new to a classic tune. Not bad just lacking originality.