ifadeo - Loopz 2 (ergo proxy)

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Arranged by:
ifadeo Veteran
Original SID:
Original composed by:
David Whittaker
All-Time charts position:
i did this remix 'cause i'm not happy any more with my other released version... i always thougth 'bout a version with more textures and better sound selection...
This is very nice. It's atmospheric, laid back and reminds me of 80s synths in a good way with some good edgy bits thrown in. A lot of love has gone into this and I really enjoyed it.
I've always liked ifadeo's "Radiowellen Mix" and this is even better.
Very kraftwerky crossed with erm I dunno, ifadeo has a style thats hard to put your finger on which is probably why ive always enjoyed listening to his stuff. This is no exeption. Great work good sir.
Everything is almost perfect, the arrangement, drum line. But the synth leads are a bit to harsh for me.
I don't like the smudgy lead. But aside from that, it's a well-balanced piece of professional work.
Some sounds should be replaced. It could be also rearranged to progressive trance/house genre (sound selection is almost there). Close to very good.
Very good work, Michael. You improved a lot IMO. It's only a bit uniform but so is the SID.
Easy on the ears, great synths and a good Kraftwerky feel to it
Nice and strange in a positive way...
Nothing special, but a nice flow...
Good stuff
Tough decision between yellow and orange... But I see improvment in Michael's style... Even with some weak spots ;)

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