No More (Hybrid RoxX400h)

Track info
Arranged by:
ifadeo Veteran
Composed by:
Kim Christensen (Future Freak)
All-Time charts position:
In this remix i use my musicman stingray bass and my line6 spider amp for some rough basslnes...
...and yes, i added a lot of own stuff 'cause the orginal sid is only 0:31 sec. i've got the idea for
this remix while driving with a lexus rx 400h trough colonge after the portishead concert and
listen to a mixtape from my girlfriend.... ;-)
Nice drums and a fresh sound. I am missing the hook. The song does not stay in my ear. But good anyway.
I like the grunge-touch in this remix! (ok, raised this to a orange smiley after listening some more :)
Like germantaz I miss the hook, but the mix is great and the sounds are fresh. Good work, Michael!
Feels a bit like a depeche mode tune, I like the dirtyness of it and the sudden jap girl calls ^^
Yeah, what infamous said...:)
Hey, that's my taste! *pressesreplay*
Really noisy with control. The song is ok, not mistakes this time.
It feels that this track is part of you but for me it hard to understand it so it is hard to like it, but is a good one
I get a New Order-vibe from this. This is quite nice.

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