Platoon (Kampfbereit)

Track info
Arranged by:
ifadeo Veteran
Composed by:
Jonathan Dunn
All-Time charts position:
it's a kind of re-release, contains 15% of my friendly fire remix but the other 85% are new...

Brillant and faithful and for once a Platoon tune without any need of use for any war imagery
A very slow start but I like this version. Very fresh. I have heard this song so many times but this time I didn't turn it off and that is very good thing.
Now, that the misunderstanding about the state of this tune being a re-release is cleared, I can give it the same rating the old one would've got from me. Sounds like less than 85% new though.
Great stuff! Original sound and good mixing.
This is a really nice version of the classic Platoon tune
Barnstorming version of a classic. Great job Ify.
I like most everything about this remix except the lead sound: it sounds thin, dry and out of place.
Very very nice rendition
Nice work Ifadeo.
One of the better Platoon remakes!
I like your idea but don't like how you done it. There ois a lots of sounds in the track that aren't made for my ears

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