Imphenzia - Giana Sisters Theme [Imphenzia Remix]

Track info
Arranged by:
Imphenzia Remixer
Original SID:
Original composed by:
Chris Hülsbeck
All-Time charts position:
I vote this good, but only just: The sound is clean and nice, but the arrangement is very basic with no fresh ideas - in fact there are very few ideas part from the original SID and some new sounds. Still, the end result is fully acceptable imo.
I have no problem with this mix, excellent production! Just the instrument used as lead from 2:00 sounds a bit lame...
Solid remix but it somehow misses something which amazes me for some obscure reason. So it's like.. Well, it's okay.
I Like the simplicity of this mix although it sounds almost too lazy at times. I'd like to hear the main melody more energetic!
Very basic with a few interesting ideas, but nothing spectacular.
It doesn't excite me that much to be honest. The production is good but it's been done a lot before - and better.
Not really sophisticated, but clean. I can imagine it would be great on a dancefloor (if the tune was longer), but it wouldn't get much attention there either.
Sounds good, and everything fits in fine but I dunno its a little stale it plods along rather than punching you in the face..
Sid2trance. EXE /standardoptions /i Great_Giana_Sisters. Sid /o "Imphenzia - Giana Sisters Theme [Imphenzia Remix]. Mp3"
Hard not to like this tune. A few parts that should be reworked, but it's a valid remake of one of my favourites.
Sorry, but the fact that it doesn't follow the melody line as it should makes me feel you didn't put enough effort in this.

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