Infamous - Auf Wiedersehen Monty nuclear fallout edit

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Ok so what's this all about then?

My prison showeresque butt raping of a classic.

Well 1st off i wanted to test out a few new tricks id learnt (theres been mention of production values higher than usual so that has really made me very happy that people have noticed), 2nd I wanted to write something unusual, a bit like when i went off with thrust and turned it into something else but still thrust enough (fnar fnar) to be thrust (hmmm one too many thrusts?).

The story behind it.

On my hard drive right now there is a 1:1 version of this tune that i was working on and as much as it does sound good and i am proud of it, wont be released. Im personally fed up with 1:1 remixes.

this site and this scene has been going on for what? 6 years or maybe more and so many mixes have come and gone and lots of them are wonderful and fullfill all the needs we'll ever ask for, theres more last ninja's to shake a stick at, more delta's than you'd find on the nile (geography joke) and I wanted to try and push the envelope a little further and go into what a remix (in my eyes at least) should be.

so i deconstructed the tune, threw something together and posted the thrown together mashup onto the forum and sought advise from the denizens of r64, vosla and analog x spoke up and with their feedback this 2nd version was created.

Anyway im sure this is going to please some and annoy others (thats what i love doing hehe) i hope you all glean some enjoyement out of it though.
Hold it, this ain't Monty - but then again it is, only totally minced. All thumbs up, this rocks.
I was not impressed by this mash up. Although there's small tiny bits of Auf Wiedersehen Monty in some of the tune, there just isn't enough there to give me any feeling for it, despite the improved production values. Not one I'll listen to again.
Its good but not too great, very original but doesnt really do the SID justice, loved the strings in there tho
It's well made but is more of a piece of music on it's own than a cover of Monty.
I can see this one splitting the nation! As a piece of music this is excellent but it uses very little of the original AWM structure. Still I fucking love it!
This kind of thing is what some think might be the future of SID covers in the commercial world, but this doesn't give me particularly happy feelings. I'm not going to argue with the concept, but it's real club background stuff.
Remind´s me on some tracks from KMFDM. And because I like that kind of stuff, I like this, too.
Hmm, I like this a lot, but as a track in its own right, not as an AWM remix. Could this pave the way for more 'SID inspired' tracks rather than remixes???
-1: did not match original tune. Nope, thiz has nothing to do with "Goodbye Monty", the spirit of the tune is completly lost. The track itself is not that bad at all.
A good remix
Infamous - a good effort, however this remix doesn't really capture the soul of "Auf Wiedersehn Monty".
Infamous did a outstanding job!!! This is my favorite 'auf wiedersehen monty' remix!!!
Tons of raging energy, but as a whole it just doesn't work for me. No cohesion, nothing to hold it together.
I think a few melodic interludes would have made it even better, but I liked it anyway :)
As already said... It's too far away from the original all over. And the "matrix soundtrack samples" are repeated too often as well IMHO.
No obvious flaws in it, but this one's too obscure and experimantal for me.
A very different remake of that song. Maybe the best, as I'm fed up with the tune ;)
Good, but where's Monty? .. And you have way too much rosin on your bow.
You don't know (yet) how much I support the idea of creating something new from good old blocks. In this case this -someting new- just gone too far, even for me. Don't take me wrong.

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