Infamous - Cannon Fodder 2004 Remix

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Cannon Fodder 2004 Remix
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heh my cannon fodder remix, is a tale of two remix's becoming one.

the original cannon fodder remix that i did was just your bog standard dance tune, and the tune you hear in the background of the vocals? that was once sanxion heh.

i kind fused the two together, and then rearranged a lil bit and voila you have what you hear now, luckily for me (cos its the way i DID want it) it neither sounds totally like cannon fodder and doesnt sound ANYTHING like sanxion, but i can promise you they were both in there...once... a long time ago.

entire tune was made using jeskola buzz and using cool edit to sort out the vocals the best i could (they are the original jon hare ones that god.. i mean richard joseph used).

hope you enjoy listening as i did creating.

i think this is what remixing is all about.. taking a tune and doing what YOU would have done with it.. not doing what it SHOULD have sounded like.
Good, but never really becomes quite that cool
Really fantastic! Even better than the original! Great work!!
Well done, but I prefer the original tune.
Good one :)
That rocks! Great mix!
Review by Tas


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Set the scene... Your in a nightclub playing dance music... However there's a small room hidden in one corner of the club. You enter it. Inside you find a dark almost intimadating smoke filled dance floor and eminating is a smell of wacky backy. A DJ stands infront of you playing some rather obscure sounds and beats. People are dancing in a way that could either mean one of two things... They are Drunk or most probable they are high in cookoo land and somewhere with the fairies. Somewhere within all this confusion lies a strange, almost captivating jolly cheecky tune. If you imagine that, then your as mad as me. But this is something you would expect being played in such a place.

The remix is very clever and gives you just that feeling i stated above. Some very nifty bass work and drums mixed with those ever so cheeky vocals. One major gripe is that the mastering isn't quite upto scratch and often tends to mash together creating a jumbled state of noise and distortion. However saying that i really like this remix. One day maybe Infamous will go back to this and clean it up a bit more. Til that day i will enjoy this version and hope that i will hear a version 2.