Infamous - Comic Bakery

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Loved this. Solid drum beat, and the delays in the melody mixed things up nicely.
Very nice I like it
I love this. A thumping rendition of one of my favourite Galway classics with a great balance of chip and modern sounds. And seriously, if I ever get good enough to make a re-mix, I want you to mix it! Fantastic mixing and balance.
Really cool arrangement! And those drums are really unique :)
Excellent drum beat, the rest could use a bit more complexity or sophistication, but it's very enjoyable as is. A fresh new look at Comic Bakery.
I like this approach. Well done!
Brillant! Stunning "rain of drums" with top notch execution/arragement/transitions. Love it!
Sorry to be a spoiler here. Yes, it has a great beat and intentions, but I don't like it with the Comic Bakery tune... It uses to few passages from the fantastic original tune leaving it as a standalone tune and not a C. B. Mix. More Galway = happier smil
I thought I heard every posssible way to remix C. B. Excellent, beat & remix.
Interesting! This ends up in my top-3 list of "best Comic bakery remixes ever" ;-)
Different and very enjoyable, good work Infamous.

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