Infamous - Driller (Darkside of the moon)

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Driller (Darkside of the moon)
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Driller... one of them games that you just had to play at the time.. but personally i hated the entire experience.. 8bit just wasnt any good at 3d.. can we all remember just how sodding slow this thing went?.

I know you was on the moon.. but did it really have to feel like you was constantly walking in treacle?.. what made this game stand out to me of course was THAT song that played in the background constantly.

matt gray's finest hour .. maybe.. he did do last ninja 2 aswell and im sure there are plenty of people that would contest that, that was his finest.. but not me.

9 minutes of epic soundtrack that kept a real feeling of suspence and what i have done here is given my own take on what i guess both matt and the games creators wanted you to feel.

claustraphobia, paranoia and lots of other emotions ending in ia..
imagine if you will that your the guy stuck on the moon.. no way of communicating to the outside world, rapidly running out of oxygen, been there so damn long you can barely remember what your name is.. cant remember what your wife or your children look like.. but you remember them.. thoughts setting in that your not going home.

but your one hell of a determinded sod and you know what you've got to do to get someones damned attention and get off and home.. drill, dig them holes till the automated system recognises your qouta is filled and the transporter will come... gotta keep digging.

but will you get enough before your air runs out? should i concentrate on getting my radio fixed.. why do i keep sensing im being followed.. what the hell did i do to this place to deserve to be shot at?.. why are all the doors locked and where the hell is everybody anyway? this aint exactly a one man job.

ahhhh gotta stop complaining aint gonna get me nowere.. just gotta keep digging keep digging... keep ... digging.

my take on it... enjoy.
Driller (Darkside of the moon)
This rawks!
Great Remix, Love it...
One of his better remixes, but I miss the original flair...
Sp00ky! :D
Captures the atmosphere brilliantly, almost a 2001-A-Space-Odyssey-like mood at times, although it seems to me that the tempo is a bit too high compared to the original.
Nice atmospheric piece by infamous here! Personally I would prefer a bit more rawness in this one, but it works nevertheless.
Quite inconspicuous somehow. Doesn't touch or move me in any way. And the frightening Driller atmosphere I'm used to from other remixes of this tune is totally missing.
Just found this one through the driller remake. Very dark and atmospheric. I'd love you to do "dark side" in this style ;)
This is epic dude! Been listening to this for years.
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When i hear this song i couldn´t believe that this is SID of driller. It is perfect arrangend and sounds like a Vangelis or a early Jarre but it is the orginal driller SID Melody. Outstanding work, Infamous.