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This was written for the exolon remake by dr derek over at retro remakes, i enjoyed writing the tune so much and noticed there were no other exolon remakes on this site so.. decided to put it forward.

I'll be perfectly honest i never expected it to even get past the taste test so im pretty suprised to see it up here now, probably as close to a new remix "rko specific" as your ever likely to get from me too.
anyway i hope you guy's enjoy listening to it as much as i did making it.

also please do check out the remake over at -

those guy's are still reminding us what real gameplay and fun is amid all the crappy corporate "we need money" titles that cant even spell longevity let alone give any.. keep the scene alive as one famous swede once said.
Exolon gets the Infy treatment. Pretty cool!
Not Infy's best work in my opinion, but still a delightful listen :)
Feels a bit uninspired. It doesn't have the twists and turns that Infy's stuff usually are blessed with. Also, the mixing is a tad muffled. A nice enough effort, but nothing special.
Not a bad effort, just sounds a little muffled in the mixing. The idea's there though and certainly that seems to work pretty well, with some good instrument choices. Needs a little more work, but shows promise.
It's a standard dance effort and the breakbeats work well - just something missing, not sure what.. Too much delay? Who knows :)
A little bit lacking in imagination and the lead sounds a little bit weak to me
I'm not the UM-TZ specialist, but I think that is nothing special
Kind of silly tune... Usually I like Infamous' stuff, but this heavy beat just don't suit the tune.
Good, not great and not really intresting..... Will disapear in the lot
Okayish... But too UNZ UNZ drum-style for my taste... And the overall mixing is also not quite right! Needs way more work on it...
Drums are too loud and tune is too focused them. A bit uninspirated
Doesn't touch me in any way.
Good, but not enough of the original in there.

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