Infamous - Galway is God (Arkanoid)

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Galway is God (Arkanoid)
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an industrial kind of view on things.
always loved the original.. i think it was the 1st sid that i really wanted to get hold of once i got hold of the net and was capable of downloading the thangs...

always loved that weird arsed drumbeat and just the whole epic sound it had.. martin really did do something special when he did this (at least in my eyes.. he probably thinks its all bollocks lol).

but here is my take on it.. reversing the tune and having part 2 as part 1 and visa versa.. simply because im weird myself and i can do that kind of thing... i'd like to say it is industrial but then im not really sure myself.. its something theres no doubt about that.. and its one of my favorite remix's ive done so far.

and thats saying something cos im usually the 1st to cane myself and bring myself down before neil can get to me ^^ eh neil lolol.

anyway i hope you enjoy this tune just as much as i enjoyed making it.. was meant to have vocals but wispa told me not to do it.. and so i listened, seems to have paid off so thanks wispa!

and thanks to markus shneider (hope i spelt that right), wispa, neil, lman et al and a fair few people over at vgm for giving me the seriously positive feedback and helping me along with this, much appreciated.
Galway is God (Arkanoid)
Go Infamous, Go... A special remix...
"Galway is God, Infamous, as his name says, not"
I need nore of these tracks, Infamous!!
This is one of my favorite Arkanoid-Versions. It really has style.
Wow! This one rocks! Not just "yet another Arkanoid remix", but something very special.

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