Infamous - High Voltage

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Infamous Veteran
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Good high-energy affair going on in this track! The pumped-up distortion does get a little wince-making sometimes but, on the whole, it keeps reeling you in.
I like this because it's quite experimental... Yes it's a bit distorted, but I do not care. I have to add though, that many of the melodies in this is VERY much taken from LASERDANCE 80's synthpop, so the SIDs creator did not make them himself.
Doesn`t get boring. Many things r happening within the Track. But I have to say that I don`t like the original very much.
It's a bit too loud mixed up in some parts, but nice to listen to. All in all a good remix.
The distortion hurts this one. That aside, the track is fine - aspirations of being high energy, but aside from the drum and bass breakdown at around the 1:30 mark, it just never quite gets off the ground.
My fav of the 3pack with ideal length and lots of things going on with a rather positive attitude and power.
Fantastic variety throughout and as always everything that is going on works really well
Razmo: That's because the original sid is a remake of an original Laserdance remix containing several of their songs

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