Infamous - Human Race 2007

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The first 90 seconds sounded wrong somehow. The arpeggiated sound used as the main melody feels completely wrong. It gets better towards 2+ minutes, but the main melodic instrument is like a nail.
Plus for variation and originality, but this remix is still boring and week. There are some good ideas in there, but not enough.
A brave good attempt to do a new version of Human race, but it didn't charm me I'm afraid...
Perfect dance sound vs. Totally wrong notes at 2:34! For my taste, musical skills are way more important for a good remix than technical skills.
Too long, probably because it's somewhat boring. No variations, no surprises. Nice synth remix, but nothing more.
Sorry mate, The beggining is off, and it seems to be all-of-nothing. You have, and can do SO much better.
I really have issue with this mix because Infamous can and has done so much better. It tries to be something else, but just doesn't work and I got bored to tears.
Until 1:17 it feels good, but then something bad happens with the sound: What was a clear and brilliant sound becomes porridge when mixed with the rest. I guess the bass is just too soft.
Well, I like it very much....

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